HOUSTON - Apple fans waiting in an early-morning line for the release of the new iPhone were robbed at gunpoint on Friday, Houston police said.

It was reported around 5 a.m. at the AT&T store on Westheimer Road at Chimney Rock. Police said people were camped outside the store when two armed guys got out of a car.

One of the victims told KHOU11 News the robbers walked up and started making demands.

Gimme everything you ve got. I emptied out my pocket, and he takes away my iPhone, my iPad -- because it was on the ground already, the victim said. He s like, give me your wallet. I m like, I don t have one come look.

The men robbed at least one other customer of their wallet and then got back in their car and sped away. Nobody was hurt in the crime.

Security cameras in the shopping center may have captured in the suspects on video, but a detailed description of the men was not immediately available.

Police said stolen credit cards were used at a gas station in Bellaire just minutes after the robbery. The suspects were said to be in a late-90s green Honda Accord.

The customers said they chose what they thought was a less popular AT&Tlocation, thinking the line there for the new iPhone 5C and 5S would be shorter. A witness said about 10 people were in line when the robbers hit.

When AT&Theard the news, the company stepped up and offered the victims store credit for the value of their stolen iPhones.

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