HOUSTON -- New claims have come to light against a deputy who's already accused of beating a man during a traffic stop back in 2011.

Dash cam video showed Jimmy Drummond kicking a man who'd been pulled over for speeding.

He's also accused of beating that man's parents who came to help.

The family's attorney said this was not the first time that Drummond, then a Harris County deputy, had been accused of this sort of thing.

There have been no less than 6 individual people who have come forward to me since this incident and said they also had problems with Jimmy Drummond,

Drummond's attorney paints a very different picture.

The attorney said the family attacked the deputies and that the son was still fighting even after being pepper sprayed.

All Officer Drummond sees is that these officers are trying to pull this individual's right arm out from underneath him,

Drummond is charged with official oppression. He could face a year in prison if convicted.

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