HOUSTON -- A man was attacked on Tuesday evening in north Houston after stopping to return a movie at the Redbox outside of McDonald's.

According to investigators, he got back in his car and was approached by at least two suspects who attempted to steal his car.

He was forced out of the vehicle and pushed down. The victim had a gun on him and he fired at the suspects. He killed one of the robbers and wounded one of the other suspects who got away.

Police did not release any other information regarding the case.

It is kind of odd being right out in the open. I guess people and the desperate need of people nowadays, said Dedrick Moore. They give up hope and try to go any other way to get their means.

Moore lives in the area and visits the McDonald's often, but not without caution.

I am always checking my area, Moore said. Looking around knowing what is going on around me.

The victim did not want to appear on camera, but he said he was doing OK.

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