BIRMINGHAM, Alabama Alabama fans are poking fun at Johnny Manziel in advance of Saturday s SEC matchup game against the Aggies.

A Birmingham bar called Otey s Tavern is inviting customers to take a swing at a Johnny Football pinata Wednesday night.

The pinata is holding a Sharpie in one hand and cash in the other and ithas a dollar signas ajersey number -- a not-so-subtle reference to allegations the Heisman Trophy winner accepted money forautographs.

The owner of Otey s said patrons will get to whack a second Manziel pinata later in the week.

ApparentlyBama fans are stilla little bitterover last year's upset loss to A&M in Tuscaloosa.

The Aggies host the Crimson Tide at 2:30 p.m. Saturday in College Station. You can watch the game on CBS/KHOU 11.

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