HOUSTON A Sunnyside homeowner is angry about a tree that toppled onto her house and her daughter s car during Monday s storm.

I m not very happy, said Charlene Johnson as she surveyed the mess.

Johnsonblames city officials for the damage in the 9400 block of Merle Street.

Shesaid she had complained to the city about the decaying tree and others near her property for years.

I have called and called and haven t gotten any results, Johnson said.

The car will likely have to be totaled. Car owner Charkena Johnson said she was sickened by what happened.

It hurts a lot because I m still paying for the car right now, Charkena said.

An inspector with Houston s Department of Parks and Recreation tagged the tree that toppled over and several others near the Johnson property back in June. They were designated to be pruned and taken down.

An official with Parks and Recreation said the department was doing its best to keep up with demand.

Within 30 days, we normally meet our goal, said Victor Cordova with Parks and Rec. We ve had many trees die, and with one crew and limited funding, it puts a strain on our resources. So we do struggle to maintain our goal.

Officials said all of the trees near Johnson s property tagged by the city would be taken down by the end of September.

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