HOUSTON - As a kid, you may have worked for yourself babysitting or mowing lawns, but did you ever have a business plan and branding?

At only 14, Kira Christian has built a successful foundation for a Houston business anyone can indulge in.

Kira is the proud owner of Glitter, which you might say is a glamorous cupcakery. It s a fully fledged business with a plan, branding, and most of all -- a vision.

I eventually want to have storefronts throughout the country, says Kira.

She s a graduate of the Texas Business Alliance s Youth Entrepreneurship Academy. The academy is a four-month long program for kids Kira s age and older.

With young people, many of them are not burdened down with things that we as adults have bills, children, says Jeffrey L. boney, Texas Business Alliance. As a result we re able to take those business ideas and cultivate them.

Since I went through the program, I ve been able to make business cards, connections, through the program like capital one, says Kira.

Of course Kira has had other help along the way, including a very sweet role model: her mother, who owns the Catfish Willy s restaurant.

Youth Entrepreneurship Academy:

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