HOUSTON - It has been a very long summer in Houston. Dealing with the heat is one thing, but having to wait around for football season to start makes it even worse.

A lot of fans are anxious to get the NFL season going. For me, my focus is on campus.

I am a college football guy.

There is nothing like a sold out stadium, filled with passionate fans screaming their head off in support of their university. The passion of the college game is unmatched in my opinion, which is why the end of August can t come soon enough.

That brings us to this wonderful page you re looking at now. Starting on Sunday, August 18, yours truly will be bringing you a comprehensive preview of the upcoming season. What will we cover? Everything related to college football in the great state of Texas.

For 13 days leading up to August 30th (UH home opener vs. Southern), I will post a new preview video of a different team. In it, you will hear from the coaches and players and even get my insight as to what is to be expected in 2013 from each squad.

We'll also have team updates and news from all your favorite college football teams.

Don t worry, there is no particular order to this so don t think I like one team over another.

We will hit the SEC with Texas A&M. Believe it or not, I ll actually be talking about football and not how much money a certain quarterback may or may not have received from brokers that have nothing better to do than try and track college kids down.

We ll make our way over to UH and to Rice, even travel through Huntsville to visit with the Sam Houston Bearkats, who I think will finish the job this season and win the national championship.

UT, Texas Tech, Baylor and TCU? Yep...we ll get them too.

Don t worry TSU and Prairie View. The SWAC is making the list too.

So, check back every day. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@DTGoteraKHOU). We have you covered all the way up to kick-off.

This is my passion, and I hope you enjoy the coverage. Feel free to interact with me as well either through social media or through e-mail.

Let s do this!

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