CYPRESS A bee removal expert took care of the thousands of bees that had been busy building a huge hive in a Cypress woman s front yard.

One beekeeper told Cheryl Best that 100,000 bees were living in the hive.

That all changed Friday with the help of bee expert Anthony Samilo.

We call this a tree hugger, bees that build on the sides of trees, he said. The bees are going to get plenty aggressive when I get up there, and they are probably going to attack anybody on the ground.

When the bees started to swarm, curious neighbors who were watching soon went inside, and left Samilo to handle the removal. Armed with a shop vac and perched on a cherry picker high in the air, Samilo patiently vaccumed all the bees. He seemed to ignore the pain from multiple stings.

It took almost three hours for Samilo to get the job done.

Best and her husband had no idea the bees were in the tree until a neighbor alerted her.

My neighbor was walking down the street and noticed it and flagged me down, Best said.

I saw what I thought was a bird s nest, said neighbor Maura Griffin. I ran soon as I got underneath it. It was spooky, freaky.

The bees will be tested to see if they are the aggressive and sometimes deadly Africanized variety.

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