AUSTIN, Texas -- Video from Wednesday, July 24 at Taqueria Guadalajara on North Lamar shows Raymundo Martinez sitting at a booth. He was there with his son. All of a sudden, you see him react. Then, his son, Juan, jumps out of the booth as he is grazed by a bullet from a drive by shooting.

I jumped, and then my dad said to get down, said the eight-year-old Martinez.

You see Juan grab his arm, then he falls to the floor with his dad.

I was like, kinda scared, said Juan.

A white or silver car captured on the video is the one where police believe the shots were fired from. It was on Cooper and made a right on Lamar. No casings were found, they're believed to be in the car.

Witnesses heard three to five shots. One round hit a parked truck, another the window. Juan was taken to Dell Children's for treatment.

The detective working this case says the shooter probably did not see the boy in the window because the blinds were down. He says the blinds may have redirected the bullet, possibly saving the child's life.

Juan showed KVUE how his wound is healing and says he's enjoying summertime.

I go to the park, play with my dad and I like going to the pool sometimes, said Juan.

His dad says while it's easy for a young man to heal, surviving a drive by shooting is a difficult situation to comprehend.

Police want you to contact them if you have any information on the vehicle involved. It's a white or silver car with dark rims. The first two letters of the license plate are believed to be C-K. The last two numbers are 5-2.

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