HOUSTON - A U-Haul truck crashed into a used car dealership in West Houston early Tuesday, damaging at least seven cars up for sale, police said.

The crash happened on Highway 6 near Briar Forest Drive around 3:15 a.m., according to officers with the Houston Police Department.

Police said the U-Haul s driver told them he fell asleep and woke up with his foot stuck in the vehicle s steering wheel. Neither he nor his passenger suffered serious injuries.

At least three cars at All Star Motors were totaled and another four or five were damaged.

I'm still glad, even though he doesn't have a license, that he's safe, he's not injured and that he was able to walk away from this, said Frank Obaid, the dealership's owner. But hopefully, he will learn for the future to be more responsible.

A woman rented the truck and then let the man behind the wheel, according to police. Police said the offending driver did not have a valid license because it had been revoked multiple times.

He was issued three tickets at the scene. Police said the woman who rented the U-Haul may be held financially responsible for the crash.

The owners of the car lot did not respond to phone calls early Tuesday morning. Police said it was unlikely they were even aware the crash occurred.

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