HOUSTON At least six people have informed police that they were robbed at gunpoint while waiting at bus stops for their cell phones in southeast Houston.

The robberies started on July 15.

People should be a little bit safer, said Robert Jones.

According to police, the suspects are two men, a teenager and a woman armed with guns. They have been driving up to the bus stops in a light-colored Buick LeSabre.

All of the robberies have occurred in the 9400, 10400 and 116000 block of Scott Street and the 4900 block of Merchant Street.

The robberies have occurred on bus routes 30, 52 and 77.

I think it s pitiful that people try to rob you for such small things instead of going out and working for what they need to have, Jones said.

Bus riders were advised to refrain from standing at bus stops displaying their mobile devices.

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