GALVESTON, Texas -- Two young would-be-burglars got more than they bargained for early Friday morning, and it was all captured on the victim s home surveillance system.

Galveston police said the criminals, who could be as young as 16-years-old, began kicking in a man s door while he was home.

It happened just after midnight in the 2900 block of Avenue K.

According to police, the criminals didn t seem to care that the man was home. That s not the only thing that stands out about them.

Police believe one of the suspects could be deaf because the pair appears to be using sign language in surveillance video.

Disabilities don t hamper somebody from committing a crime, said Chief Henry Porretto with Galveston Police. I think that somebody who breaks into somebody s house while someone is home is one of the most disturbing things that can happen to someone.

Police said the homeowner who was targeted was alerted by a noise at his back door. He then reportedly watched the suspects from inside on his surveillance system.

One of the suspects eventually kicked in the man s back door, and police said he threatened to kill the homeowner.

The homeowner had a gun of his own and opened fire. The single shot just missed one of the intruders.

I m thinking they re teenage boys sneaking from some girl s house. That s how young they looked, said next door neighbor Jocelyn Newton.

Newton believes she saw the two teens pass by her porch minutes before they began terrorizing the neighbor next door.

It was like boom, Newton said.

A short time later, Newton said she heard a banging on her door. She thought the intruders were coming for her.

They opened the door and shined the light on me. When I looked up, they screamed GPD and grabbed my arm, pulling me out of my bed, Newton said.

Newton claims police stormed through her house searching for the suspects.

The suspects had already escaped the neighborhood, but police don t think they ll be able to run for long.

Police call the homeowner s surveillance video a key to solving this case. Investigators are following up on a number of leads and believe the suspects likely live in the Galveston area.

The homeowner who shot at those suspects also had his home broken into in June.

It s unclear if these could be the same criminals, and police said they re not sure why these teens picked this particular house.

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