HOUSTON Recently named one of Fort Bend County s most fascinating people, Bev Carter will always be remembered for telling it like it was especially when it came to politics.

The hypocrisy you have to skim it off you when you leave a meeting of them, Carter said of ultra conservative republicans in a 2007 interview with KHOU 11 News.

Stafford Mayor Leonard Scarcella fondly remembers her weekly column, Bev s Burner.

When she came after you, it was in a pointed way, and not only you knew, but everybody in the town and county and whole community knew, said Scarcella.

Carter owned and published the Fort Bend Star for a remarkable 35 years. She used to be a self-proclaimed Republican, but she never hesitated to criticize her own party, especially the far-right fraction. Ultimately, she and the party parted ways.

She was feisty, said son and current publisher Michael Fredrickson . The politicians, she held their feet to the fire.

Scarcella agreed.

She was a gutsy journalist who was willing to put her reputation, her fortunes, everything she believed in, on the line so she could tell it like she saw it, said Scarcella.

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