Houston -- It happened just before the noon hour and the robbery was captured by surveillance cameras inside a Cricket store on Ella at Airtex.

As the suspect left, one camera picked up a great image of his face. He had a thin beard and was wearing a blue shirt and white baseball cap.

Just after two customers left, the suspect carrying a bag and a gun entered the store and confronted the female employee behind the counter.

He looked like a customer, the employee said.

But on the video you can see he wasn t planning to buy anything. He asked her to open the cash register. She said he had a gun.

He had it on his waist and he pulled it out right there, the employee told KHOU 11 News.

He put the money in his pocket and eventually asked her to follow him to the back of the store to get phones.

He wanted more money, but we didn t have more and he wanted the phones, the employee said. he wanted expensive phones.

The frightened clerk said she didn't know if he left on foot or in a vehicle.

Cell phone robberies are on the rise here in the Houston area and across the nation.

In some cities nearly 50-percent of all robberies involve phones.

Management at this Cricket store tell us they've been hit twice before.

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