Houston -- In the heart of what s known as the energy corridor, small business owners in a strip center are frustrated. The businesses are located in the 1500 block of Eldridge Parkway in far west Houston.

Oh my God it is horrible, said Pel Goldwater, owner of Thai House Restaurant.

She told KHOU 11 News that in the last few months crooks have preyed on this area.

They throw the rock and they just come in, Goldwater said. She showed us a large rock the suspects used to break the glass.

Monday morning burglars broke into a financial business and a FedEx Office store, and they came through the walls.

First, they broke into a business that s under construction. You could see on each side where they punched two large holes in the walls to gain access.

Surveillance cameras inside the FedEx Office store captured the criminal act, but the business would not give us a copy so we could show you.

I think I ve been broken in three times all through the front. It s terrible. I don t know why, said Todd Crosswhite who runs Which Wich Superior Sandwiches.

Fortunately, they ve just done some vandalism when they ve broke into my place. They haven t stole my TV like they ve done others or stolen lots of money, but it s very costly either way, Crosswhite said.

The business owners plan to meet with the owner of the property next week to talk about security. The owners say they need more.

Recently, a surveillance camera attached to a light pole in the parking lot was taken by some crooks.

And we re working hard just to stay in this place while they are increasing costs just to stay in business, Crosswhite said

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