HOUSTON - In the last few years we've heard a lot about using smartphones to pay for stuff in the checkout line, but it has yet to really catch on.

People continue to turn to what they re used to: cash or credit. Occasionally, you still get stuck behind someone at the grocery store who still writes checks.

A new app is on the way that hopes to change that. On Thursday, the makers on Clinkle announced that investors kicked in $25 million to further develop it.

Clinkle is a service that allows smartphone users to touch what kind of payment they want to make. Screenshots from early development show a wallet with cash or credit cards that are presumably linked to the appropriate financial account.

What makes Clinkle different from other mobile payment systems? For one thing, it apparently does not require the NFC chip in your phone. NFC, found in many Android devices, can be used to touch your smartphone to a register to make a payment.

Instead, Clinkle s creator says any store can take Clinkle payments, and they don t even need to modify their infrastructure or cash registers. This also means the iPhone could support Clinkle, since Apple devices don t even have the NFC chip.

Apple may have other plans, however. In early June it was reported the company registered the trademark iMoney, suggesting it may have a virtual currency and digital wallet system of its own in the works.

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