GALVESTON, Texas -- Galveston police say they've arrested a couple of car burglars who spoiled a trip to the beach for several families Saturday.

Gustavo Aybar, 27, and Rudy Servantes, 20, were arrested for allegedly breaking into vehicles parked on the Seawall between23rdand 89th.

At leasteight vehiclesburglarized during a three-hour period Saturday afternoon.

An officer reviewed video from a local hotel and was able to identify the suspects'vehicle. Hebroadcast the description to other units.

An officer spotted the vehicleand stopped it for a traffic violation.The cop spotted several purses in plain view. Aybar then gave him permission to search the car, police said.

Officers recovered several iPads, computers, game systems, purses, cash and firearms from inside the car.All of the items were reported stolen in the eight burglaries on Saturday.

Both Houston men were arrested and their bonds were set at $80,000 each.

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