KATY, Texas Ursula Jones backyard is buzzing with bees and there is nothing she can do about it.

It s a nightmare, she says, I cannot come out here, I cannot enjoy my patio.

Her problem started a week ago when her dog came inside with a bee in its fur. Jones soon saw that it came from a hive which is inside a transformer in her yard.

That transformer belongs to CenterPoint Energy and is kept locked.

Jones said she called the company Friday and took Monday off from work when they said they would come to take care of the bees.

But the hive is still there.

Making matters worse, Jones is allergic. So, too, are some of the kids in her neighborhood.

I don t want to be here, she said.

Neighbors say it is not the first time this has happened, either. The last time that bees were inside the transformer they knocked out power to neighbor Terry Miller s house.

She cannot believe the problem was not fixed sooner.

My personal opinion is that if CenterPoint would come out once a year and do a basic inspection, they could see if there s any holes in their transformer, in their seals, and still replace them, she said.

On Wednesday a spokesperson for CenterPoint told 11 News they are currently dealing with a number of bee calls across the area.

She said they sent someone to spray the transformer in Jones yard and that they will remove the hive on Thursday or Friday.

Jones says she is sick of waiting.

We should be able to get taken care of, especially if you re allergic to it, she said.

She just hopes CenterPoint will be able to get to her before the bees do.

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