HUMBLE, Texas What would you do to escape armed burglars? A college student in Humble saw men with guns breaking into his home, and he had to think fast.

It happened last Friday at about 11:30 a.m. in the 17000 block of Dawn Shadows Drive in Humble.

Darrell Southworth, 20, said he wanted to fight back, but these guys had guns and he didn t.

I hear a big pound on the door, about five times, like boom, boom, boom, Southworth said.

Southworth s family was working, and he was home alone when the criminals came knocking. First, one of the criminals knocked on the front door.

I look down, and he had a gun about right here in his back pocket, Southworth said.

Moments later, he saw a green Ford Explorer backing into his driveway.

They popped the trunk at first, and I could see more guns, said Southworth. I m thinking, I m about to die.

The criminals walked into the backyard and began kicking in the back door. Southworth made his way up toward the attic. He said he pulled the steps to the attic down and sat there to listen.

I didn t hear anything at first. Then I heard, 'Get it, get it, Southworth recalled.

He quickly crept up into the attic and closed himself in. Southworth said he was on the phone with 911, telling the operator the danger he was in.

I m thinking the cops need to get here quick, and the cops never came. I m just sitting up there, said Southworth.

While up in the attic, Southworth called his mother and texted both his brother and father.

I was more pissed than anything, because I felt like I was letting it happen, and I couldn t prevent it, said Southworth. I wanted to go beat somebody up. It s just the fact that they had guns, and I knew they had guns.

Southworth s family showed up shortly after the criminals had left. According to Southworth, Harris County Sheriff s deputies arrived about five minutes later.

The two criminals took flat screen TVs, a cell phone, an Xbox, jewelry, Southworth s shoes and even a polo shirt lying on his bed.

It s terrifying, said Lisa Harmon, who lives next door.

Harmon, who works an overnight shift as a nurse, was sleeping when it happened. As soon as she found out about it, Harmon had a storm door installed out back. She said it costs less than $200 and makes her feel more secure.

Ain t no one coming through that door. If they do, it s going to be trouble, she said.

The suspects that broke into Southworth s home are both described as black men.

Southworth only got a good look at one of them. He describes that man as 20-23 years old with black hair, approximately 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing about 180 pounds. That suspect was wearing a brown shirt, gray sweat pants and black shoes.

Anyone with more information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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