PEARLAND, Texas - The Perkins sextuplets turned one this past weekend, and are thriving with two parents who still feel extraordinarily blessed.

They ve come a long way with a lot of help, David Perkins, their father, said.

A lot of help, Lauren Perkins, their mother, added.

And that help showed itself at a Pearland park at a table specially made for six - where they celebrated a noisy but eventful first year.

They call Benjamin Big Benny for obvious reasons. The Perkins said, We wish that he had a volume button that we could turn him down a little bit.

Caroline, Andrew, Allison, and Levi are also doing well, although Levi still wears a helmet to correct the shape of his head.

And Leah - the smallest and sickest from the start - still is - and is developmentally delayed.

She s the sweet little cuddly one. She s still the only one who really likes to cuddle, Lauren said.

But the Perkins parents agreed to share the milestone of this challenging first year, because they could not have made it this far alone.

It s probably like 30 a do the math I don t know. Probably about 30 a day, David said referring to the amount of diapers they go through.

Diapers changed, children clothed and fed, with the help of a daily team of family and friend volunteers.

For me it s neat to see the extent of the support we have and how loved the babies are, Lauren said.

People have been so generous with us. I actually have not cooked dinner in a year and a half, and I have not bought a single diaper, cause people just want to help and we let them and we are so thankful for everything we ve gotten, Lauren said.

And now they start the next big year with kids ready to crawl and walk - and take on the world.

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