HARRIS COUNTY Authorities are searching for two, possibly three armed suspects late Monday night near Hooks Airport in northwest Harris County.

The Harris County Sheriff s Office said that just before 8 p.m. an SUV was stolen from Autumn Oaks Way and then driven into a ditch near Boudreaux Road and Sugarberry Way.

Deputies said that two men got out of the vehicle and were busy fighting each other. One had a .22-caliber rifle and fired it at the other. The second man jumped back into the SUV and drove off before dumping the vehicle at a nearby gas station.

The suspect that was left behind ran off into the woods near the airport. Deputies said he left behind a handgun at the scene.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is assisting in the search of the area with a helicopter. Deputies said that they found the drug Xanex in the abandoned SUV, so the altercation may have been a deal gone bad.

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