HOUSTON Houston police were called to the southwest side of town early Monday after a truck smashed through the front of an athletic shoe store, officers said.

Officers with the Houston Police Department said it was around 4 a.m. when they found an abandoned Ford F-150 in a store in the 11800 block of Wilcrest.

Police believe burglars crashed the truck through the front doors in an attempt to load it up with stolen shoes, but debris and the security doors got in the way, causing the vehicle to get stuck and block the only way out.

That scared them too probably, thinking it was going to blow up on them or something, the store owner said. I am sure they have been in the store before. I am sure they have seen the merchandise and I don t think they anticipated the door to stop them.

The burglars fled the scene empty-handed, police said. The truck used in the crime may be stolen.

Investigators said it was just a few days ago when a similar break-in occurred at a shoe store on Fondren. In that case, the suspects managed to get away with some merchandise. A stolen truck was also used in that crime.

The store owner gave the suspects a piece of advice.

Please get an education and a job. This kind of business is short-lived for them. They can get hurt, they can get in trouble, they can get in jail, he said.

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