WEST, Texas -- At least 160 people were hurt in Wednesday s explosion at the West Fertilizer Co. One of the injured is 9-year-old Kaden Anderson.

Kaden is one of the lucky ones, despite his extensive wounds.

When the fire began to burn, Bryan Anderson and his son, Kaden, drove their truck closer to see what was on fire.

We were blown off the road and couldn't see, but good lord willing, I was able to maneuver and get away from there, said Bryan Anderson.

But they barely got away. Kaden was injured the most. Shattered glass and debris pelted his face.

'It's as close as I ever want to be, Anderson said. If it was our time we wouldn't be here. There are people around us that aren't here and we're just truly, truly blessed and pray for all the families that aren't as lucky as us.

No one wants to think about what would have happened if Kaden and hundreds of other children were in school when the explosion occurred just across the street.

West Intermediate School was located a few hundred yards from the plant.

The school got evacuated a week or two ago because of a fire at the fertilizer plant, said parent Claudia Wolfe.

Had this explosion taken place during school hours there would have been mass devastation of children, said Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Fortunately that didn't happen.

Kaden s dad has his son s wounds are extensive, but superficial. He s expected to make a full recovery.

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