HOUSTON -- Dylan Quick, the 20-year-old accused of stabbing 14 people on the Lone Star CyFair campus, is now on suicide watch.

On Wednesday, a court-ordered psychologist and his parents visited him in jail. According to a new report, Quick has struggled with suicidal thoughts for years.

More than two years ago, Quick simply vanished. His parents called Texas EquuSearch. Frank Black worked on the case.

On Tuesday, Black was watching news reports of the Lone Star College stabbings.

They said they had him in custody and they showed pictures of him and I said that guy looks real familiar to me, Black said. I saw the hearing aid.

So, Black went back through his old records. He said he matched em and said that's the guy right there!

It was the same Dylan Quick who had been reported missing back in January of 2011. He was 18 at the time.

Black remembered friends and family saying Quick was sheltered, in part because of his impaired hearing.

Said he d been kinda pampered and coddled and stuff, Black continued.

His notes recall the text Quick sent his parents: If I continue to live at your house, I would probably commit suicide .

Quick had abruptly quit his job at Memorial City Mall. The report said he left behind his identification, banking PIN and told his parents they could have his $8,200 in the bank .

Black said Quick s mother was worried that he was going to harm himself.

But the very next day, Quick turned up. His mother told EquuSearch he was actually found on the campus of Lone Star College, the same campus where Tuesday s stabbings occurred.

Quick s mother also said security guards told him he couldn't sleep in the building, but Black said, They brought food and clothes for him and one of security guards even brought a tent from home to give to him.

Lone Star College officials said despite the EquuSearch report, the school has no record of Quick sleeping there.

The Equusearch report from 2011 also stated that Quick s mother reported he had a mental breakdown and contacted his parents to come get him at the college. It also mentioned that his mother was trying to find mental help for him.

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