HARRIS COUNTY -- Harris County Sheriff s deputies have descended on the home where the Lone Star College stabbing suspect lives with his parents.

Officials said Dylan Quick lives about six miles from the scene of the stabbings at the Lone Star College--Cy-Fair campus.

More than a dozen deputies had been going in and out of that home for several hours Tuesday night few hours after serving a search warrant.

Neighbors said Quick s parents were in that home all day. They describe the parents as very protective of their son who is now charged with three counts of aggregated assault after going on a stabbing rampage at his college campus.

Imagine your child going to be locked up for a long time, said neighbor Ray Quiroz.

Ray Quiroz said by no means is he justifying the senseless attacks, but he wanted to deliver a heartfelt message to Quick's mother and father.

Detectives who were in the middle of a search warrant wouldn't let him near the family's home.

I'm not giving a note to the child. I'm giving a note to the parents for what they're going through for what he s done, said Quiroz.

Earlier in the day, Quiroz was the one of the first in the neighborhood to learn the identity of the young man who s accused for the stabbings at the nearby college campus.

Fourteen people were wounded. Twelve of them were transported to local hospitals.

He was always home, said Quiroz. I thought to myself maybe he didn't have a social life. He was there with his parents almost 24/7.

Neighbors said Quick is deaf. And the sign posted in their neighborhood serves as a constant reminder.

People in the neighborhood said the 20-year-old was homeschooled before enrolling at Lone Star College.

He doesn't have any friends, said neighbor Michael Lincoln. I've never seen no girls, nobody over there. I guess he goes to school, comes home. He's real quiet -- keeps to himself always to himself.

I know what makes people snap like that. It's the lack of peace, said neighbor Liesel Strech. It's the lack of connection and feeling like you're connected somewhere.

It s not exactly clear what investigators seized from this home.

When they first knocked Tuesday evening with the warrant, the door cracked open and the deputies walked inside.

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