SEALY -- A lot of people typically equate fast street cars with automakers like Ferrari and Bugatti. But the fastest of them all is manufactured by a company with strong Texas ties.

The Hennessey Venom GT is the new king of speed among production automobiles. It recently clocked in just shy of 266 mph during a test run at Ellington Field near Clear Lake.

Engineers at Hennessey Performance designed and built the vehicle at their Sealy facility.

Everyone s watching when you re driving the Venom down the highway, said John Hennessey president and CEO of Hennessey Performance.

The Venom s engine produces 1,244 horsepower, allowing the vehicle to travel from zero to 60 mph in a remarkable 2.5 seconds.

The vehicle costs $1.2 million. Only five have been built so far. The client list includes some well-known celebrities.

This particular Venom GT belongs to Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, so when he goes out on tour we have the chance to take care of his car for him, said Hennessey.

While the vehicle sports the shell of a Lotus cockpit, Hennessey said the car is purely American.

We wanted to be the biggest. We wanted to be the fastest and now we ve got a couple of world records to hang our hat on, said Hennessey.

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