HOUSTON -- So you already have Spotify or Pandora, do you really need another streaming music app?

Apple thinks so, and CNET reports the company is preparing to launch one this summer.

This new Internet music streaming service from Apple will reportedly be called iRadio. Apple hasn t confirmed that it s actually working on this, but there s enough information that s leaked to the web that already know what will make it different from Pandora.

The service will be closely tied into iTunes, which of course means the song you re listening to can easily be purchased. Apple is counting on this being a selling point for record labels. The tech giant is working out how much it will pay for access to songs, and right now reports are Apple is offering half of what Pandora pays.

Another feature that will set it apart is the ability for the listener to rewind or jump back to the beginning of a song.

Like other Interent streaming services, iRadio will be free with the occasional commercial break.

iRadio will likely be available on the iPad and iPhone as well as the computer through iTunes.

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