NORFOLK, Virginia-- A new study from North Carolina State University shows senior citizens who play video games are mentally healthier and age better.

The study, published in Computers in Human Behavior, showed that those who played digital games aged better with their minds staying more intact.

The Prime Plus Norfolk Senior Center has a Wii that residents love to use, including 78-year-old Joyce Lane and 75-year-old John Pezant, who say they feel excited about gaming.

It helps you concentrate and it makes you feel like you can do something that you didn't think you could do, and if you can't, no sweat, said Lane.

Llynne Berg is the director of the senior center and says she agrees with the study.

There is so much more vitality and excitement around the game that people are actually able to maintain their connection to one another better. And when they go home to their families, the families can tell they're happier, said Berg.

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