HOUSTON -- A man died late Saturday night after he crashed his truck into a bayou in east Houston, police said.

According to the Houston Police Department, it was around midnight when a green Ford Ranger smashed through a chain link fence on Avenue W and Cesar Chavez Boulevard. The truck went airborne and crashed into the bayou.

A security guard at the property called emergency services, but it took several hours for firefighters to locate the truck, which was completely submerged, police said.

U.S. Coast Guard helped in the search by providing a boat, while a diver with HPD was called in to locate the submerged truck.

People who live and work near the scene want drivers to slow down before someone else gets killed. They said this wasn t the first time this kind of accident has occurred.

It was less than a month ago another driversmashed through the same fence and drowned when their vehicle went into the bayou.

They re going too fast and not paying attention, said Liz Zermerno.

Her husband Ruben agreed, and cited poor lighting in the area as a possible contributing factor.

They need a dead end sign or reflectors, he said. Because obviously it seems like the road might continue.

A security guard at the business that owns the fence said drivers needed to pay closer attention.

I notice people speeding and drinking, said Niyazi Al Yacoub. It s a tragedy.

Police believe speed was a factor in both accidents.

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