PEARLAND, Texas Two women are in custody charged with leading Pearland police on a high-speed chase that started over some beer.

Police say 43-year-old Crystal Scott and 35-year-old Katina Barley stole eight cases of beer from the Kroger store at the intersection of 518 and Cullen.

They raced from the scene in a white Dodge Durango at speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. It happened on Saturday and police released video of the chase on Wednesday.

They definitely put the public at risk. It is just a beer theft, but when they start running from police they bump that up to a felony, said Lt. Oneismo Lopez with the Pearland Police Department.

Twice, the driver jumped a curb at 70 miles an hour to get into a construction zone.

They were determined to get away. Our officers are trained to follow at a safe distance, Lt. Lopez said.

Good thing.

The Durango missed a corner and crashed through a fence after jumping a drainage ditch in the 5800 block of Almeda Genoa. A police officer also lost control of his vehicle and crashed in the same area. He wasn t hurt.

Both suspects were arrested without incident.

Scott is charged with evading arrest, reckless driving, shoplifting and driving without a license. Barley is charged with shoplifting.

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