HOUSTON A grandmother used a water hose to try and stop a fire from consuming her family s home west of downtown early Thursday morning.

The fire broke out in the 600 block of Saulnier street near Stafford just before 4 a.m.

I was sleeping and my grandpa was sleeping, said 11-year-old Destiny Gonzalez. My grandma, she was sleeping also, and we just smelled gas. And then we smelled fire, and we just ran out of the house. We were just running as fast as we could.

They watched helplessly as the flames destroyed their home and everything inside it.

It s not even five, six minutes and look at it. The place burned down! said Colin Kerdachi.

I was crying. That poor family has lost everything, said a neighbor named Kiersten.

Chris Register heard screams and ran outside to see what was going on.

He saw the Gonzalez family trapped inside their gate so he cut the lock.

The poor old woman in the house was trying to put the fire out with a garden hose. I mean, poor thing, Register said. But everyone got out.

The grandmother had some minor burns on her hand but there were no serious injuries.

Nearly four dozen firefighters battled the two-alarm fire, which spread to a neighboring property that was being used as an apartment.

I heard what I thought was little gunshots or something, said one resident of the apartments. My boyfriend got up and went to check it out, and he was like get up, there s a fire.

She said they moved their cars out of the way as quickly as they could before firefighters arrived.

I feel really bad because our house burned down and I m just sad, Destiny said.


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