HOUSTON A woman has now been charged in what investigators call a deadly road rage attack after a minor traffic accident.

On Sept. 17 deputies said Crystal Scott, 23, opened fire on Jonathan Ables, 22, outside a northwest Harris County gas station. The shooting happened around 7:15 a.m. on FM 1960 at Perry Road, according to the Harris County Sheriff s Office.

Scott said she feared for her life when Ables approached her car so she shot him. Investigators said Scott never got out of her car and shot Jonathan Ables in the chest.

Ables mother said the last six months have been extremely difficult.

It s been a living nightmare. I m going to be honest. Every day I look at somebody in the eyes and I think to myself, how could somebody have such disregard for human life, and so much inside them to just want to shoot somebody over a traffic altercation, said Charlene Aucoin.

Deputies at the time of the shooting said Scott had a concealed handgun license for the weapon used. The grand jury essentially decided that that alone isn t enough to call the shooting self defense.

In this town, this county and this state, a concealed handgun license is not a license to kill, said Attorney Brian Wice.

Ables family said they believe their son pulled into a public gas station that morning because that s what they d told him to do.

He did everything he was taught and trained to do and, unfortunately, it cost him his life that day, Aucoin said.

Scott was charged with murder and was free on bail Tuesday.

There is nothing that Crystal did wrong that day, other than defend herself, that s all she did, said her attorney Letitia D. Quinones.

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