MIDLOTHIAN -- Three days from now, Chad Littlefield would have celebrated his birthday with his wife, Leanne, and their daughter, Morgan.

But on Friday, his family and friends celebrated every year and every memory they had with him at his funeral at First Baptist Church of Midlothian.

We came because we love them, said Pam Harris, a friend of the Littlefield family. Being strong through this -- how you can you prepare for anything like this? They are just wonderful people.

Littlefield was born in Dallas. He graduated from DeSoto High School, but he made Midlothian his home. He worked at DeSoto's Eagle Labs, Inc.

He's generous, said David Dickerson. A good family man.

Littlefield would go to his nephew's baseball games in Palmer to cheer him on. Several players from the team came to the service to pay their respects.

Midlothian isn't the only city in mourning.

It's devastating, said Palmer coach Rusty Blakenship. It's a major blow to the community.

More than 200 Patriot Guard Riders also came to honor Littlefield. The organization's tribute is normally reserved for veterans.

Littlefield wasn't one, but he died trying help one.

Because of the work he is doing with Chris [Kyle], and the veterans coming back and having issues trying to acclimate themselves to the life as it is here, not life as it is over there, said Carlton Emmons from the Patriot Guard Riders. And, for that, we are thankful. We are very, very grateful.

Littlefield was buried at Mount Zion Cemetery.

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