HOUSTON A Houston Independent School District trustee wants answers after the KHOU 11 News I-Team found the school district routinely violating its own written policies, and leaving school security cameras broken for months, and even a year.

Board member Manuel Rodriguez Jr. called the findings unacceptable.

He said before the story aired Tuesday night, Rodriguez had no idea the lapses were occurring.

The I-Team reviewed more than 11,000 records of work orders covering the last two years.

We uncovered that during that time, in half the cases, it took HISD 11 or more days to make emergency repairs to cameras. The district s policy says those repairs must be made within five days.

Instead, records show it took workers 77 days to restore cameras on the campus of Osborne Elementary School. Work orders show every camera at the school was down during that time.

But the problems didn t stop there.

The I-Team found it took 236 days, 362 days, and 411 days to fix security cameras at other schools.

Rodriguez says it s clear that something within the system is not working.

The school trustee says he wants answers from district administrators and principals about why this is happening.

HISD Spokesman Jason Spencer told the I-Team that school administrators do not plan to make any changes despite our findings.

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