HOUSTON -- In the front yard of a stranger s house one block away, Houston police found Carlos Sanchez safe. Officers believe the crooks likely left it there because it was simply too tough to carry.

Oh, it s pretty heavy, Carlos Sanchez said.

It weighs more than 100 pounds

In Windsor Village, off South Post Oak in southwest Houston, the Sanchez s said they ve been burglarized twice in the last two months.

The last time they took our flat screen, Trinidad Sanchez said.

During both burglaries, the suspects broke a large window in the back of the house to get in.

I wouldn't think to go into someone else's property and disrespect another home like that, said Trinidad Sanchez. I can t believe that this is the second time that this happened to us.

The Sanchez s believe the suspects are the same ones who broke in on December 5, and this time they came back for the safe.

It appears the suspects pushed the safe out the window and into a garbage can. Then, they knocked down some of the wooden fence to get it into the neighbor s yard. Shortly thereafter, they quit.

Trinidad Sanchez said expensive and sentimental items given to them by her parents are in the safe, so recovering it made their day.

Getting the safe back to their home wasn t easy. They had to use Carlos landscaping trailer. Then, with a stick they tried to move it into the house. They finally settled for the dolly.

The safe is now back home and safe.

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