HOUSTON -- From the moment Mateo Morales arrived, life has been tough. First, Mateo was born in the Harris County Jail where his mother, Dialina Gonzales, remains without bond.

Gonzales has been charged with auto theft and has a criminal history.

She wasn't behaving very well, said Gonzales mother, Ninfa Flores. She was on drugs and alcohol.

Flores said Gonzales even dropped Mateo on the floor in jail. That s when she claimed CPS got involved.

Eventually, Mateo ended up being taken care of by his father, Santiago Morales.

But in December, Mateo's grandmother noticed her grandchild appeared sick. She says he was very pale and called 911. The 3-month-old was rushed to the hospital where it was determined he had been physically abused and allegedly beaten by his father.

The police told me he was guilty of what he did, so I threw him out of the house, said Flores. I didn't want a man like that in my house.

Now, Houston police say Morales is on the run. Detectives are asking for the public s help in hopes someone can tell police where he is.

As for Mateo, he is suffering from a brain injury. At first doctors thought he would never be able to see, but now they are more optimistic.

CPS said Mateo has been placed in a foster home with his 6-year-old sister who was also removed from the home.

I don t know how the baby is doing, but I need to see him as soon as possible, Flores said.

She told KHOU 11 News that is likely not going to happen because her husband was once in trouble with CPS.

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