HOUSTON Houston yet again made the list of the top 10 U.S. cities with the most congestion, according to the 2012 Urban Mobility Report released overnight.

The annual report is put out by The Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

The 10 cities on the list are Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco-Oakland, New York-Newark, Boston, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and Seattle.

The study of national driving patterns shows that Americans spent 5.5 billion additional hours sitting in traffic in 2011. It found Americans are adapting to road congestion by allowing, on average, an hour to make a trip that would take 20 minutes without traffic. The Urban Mobility Report also says clogged roads cost Americans $121 billion in time and fuel in 2011.

The report is one of the key tools used by experts to solve traffic problems. But the institute advises that every community has unique challenges and require different, multi-faceted approaches to solving congestion.

On the web: View this year's mobility report in PDFformat, click here

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