HOUSTON -- An HISD tutor is off the job and in jail after she was reportedly caught with a loaded gun on Fondren Middle School s campus. School police say the 9 mm was discovered inside her car.

It started with a tip that came to school police.

When police confronted 29-year-old Charetta Kemp she apparently admitted to having the gun in her car. Officers say the pistol was stored in her glove compartment.

Parents picking up their kids on Friday were just finding out about it.

Suppose that one of the kids could've got into her car and could have got a hold of the gun, said parent Pamela Cavalier.

As parents began to process the news, they were curious to know more.

For all any of us know her boyfriend could've upset her earlier today, and maybe she has the gun in her car and it doesn't have to do with anything, said parent Steven Newman.

Kemp's mother told KHOU 11 News over the phone that her daughter has never been in trouble before.

She claims that the gun did not belong to her daughter; instead, she said a friend who was coming home with her daughter after school asked to keep it in the car.

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