SAN ANTONIO -- Gruene Harley-Davidson in New Braunfelswill host a blood drive next month for a man who survived a collision with an 8-point buck.

Austin Adcock, who works at the motorcycle dealership, struck the animal earlier this month while riding his motorcycle.

And I hit it dead on, flipped over the handle bars of the bike, Adcock said. I look at helmets differently. I'm sure glad I was wearing it. That's one of those things I can't stress enough now, you have to have that helmet on.

Adcock had just left his parents home in Bulverde and was riding about 35 mph. Around 8:15 p.m. aneighbor heard the commotion and ran to help.

Adcock was airlifted to University Hospital. He spent 10 days in the hospital and had five surgeries. Adcock required eight blood transfusions.

Since this happened, I realized, oh wow, you know, I would have been near death without it, Adcock said.

The 19-year-old saidhe is stillin extreme pain and has to go to University Hospital three times a week for wound care.

The leg was so swollen, they had to make two incisions down either side, Adcock said. I have to do injections two times a day. It's a blood thinner to prevent blood clotting.

For more information about the blood drive, which is scheduled for Feb. 16, go to

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