HOUSTON - An HISD elementary school in southeast Houston is stepping up security after an 8-year-old girl told police a man tried to assault her in a school bathroom.

The girl is a student at Kelso Elementary School within the Houston Independent School District.

On Monday, the school sent home a letter to parents notifying them of the news measure stemming from the incident, which happened last week.

At about 8:30 a.m. Thursday, an 8-year-old student told her teacher she was assaulted by a man who appeared to be homeless when she came out of a bathroom stall.

She said the man tried to choke her, but she bit him and ran away. An HISD spokesperson said the girl was immediately seen by a nurse. The school went into lockdown, and police were called.

Officials said no man of the girl s description could be seen in surveillance video, but the girl s father said his daughter is not making this up.

We talked about this to basically get to the bottom line, and she is sticking to her story. Her story hasn t altered any, Damien Jones, the student s father, said. The school says we didn t see anything on the camera. Well, you re not going to see anything, because this happened in the bathroom.

The school said it plans to install an electronically-operated gate and a buddy system for students, when they go to the restroom.

Jones said he is happy the school is stepping up security, but he said the school should have notified parents of the incident as soon as it happened.

HISD said the investigation remains open.

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