AUSTIN, Texas-- State lawmakersare pushing a new ban on texting while driving.

Bills were filed in both the Senate and the House. Together they are called the Alex Brown Memorial Act in honor of a texting while driving victim. Both make it illegal to text if you're behind the wheel in the Lone Star State.

Americans have gotten into very dangerous behavior with their cell phones and texting devices, to think they can use them behind the wheel of a car and drive safely, said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

Senator Judith Zaffarini and Representative Tom Craddick will meet with victims of texting while driving crashes at the State Capitol on Tuesday to urge other lawmakers to approve the two bills.

Experts say texting while driving can more than double a driver's reaction time. There's already an ordinance banning the act in Austin, but it's only valid within the city limits.

Getting approval for a statewide ban will be difficult. Similar bills filed in previous legislative sessions failed to win approval.
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