AUSTIN -- Local reaction is mixed from Austin area parents regarding a discussion by the Boy Scouts of America to leave it up to local chapters whether to allow gay members and scout leaders.

I honestly don't feel that there's any problem with it. I personally have gay people, lesbians and gays in my family. I really don't feel like they're going to affect my child's decisions. They're all born that way, said parent Candace Jimenez DeLeon.

I'm a straight guy. My dad is straight. We've all been straight all our lives and I feel that's not too good for children. They're barely developing. Their minds are just starting and I don't know if that would be a good idea because I've heard of a little bit of stuff going on and it's kind of scary, said another parent Jimmy Prince.

I think diversity is amongst us, whether we like it or not, and people should learn that early, said parent Nicki Kupecz.

The Boy Scouts National Organization is expected to vote on the issue next Monday, February 4.

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