CONROE, Texas - They came out in full force Saturday at the Thunder Gun Range in Conroe.

It was a very large group that we had today, John Cobb, a gun instructor, said. It was up to around 24.

Cobb, one of the volunteer gun instructors, said this is the largest group of girls he has ever seen at the range.

Girls of all ages, from 10 years old to 65 years old, were firing away. They want to get a concealed hand gun license and a gun for protection.

Our neighborhood is not safe. We hear gun shots quiet frequently. Police are patrolling every hour, Nancy Johnson said.

But that s not the only reason why some of these men and women are out here - it s Gun Appreciation Day.

Especially with the gun control laws, I want to have enough skills to know if I want to own a gun or even pack one, said Johnson.

They re taking a stance against President Barack Obama s plan to curb gun violence.

The stance came after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

The one in Connecticut where the guy shot all the kindergartners, I heard a lot about that. That was really scary, Lorrie Pritchett, 10, said.

This is another reason why the 10-year-old s mother is making sure her daughters are trained.

As a parent, we teach our children how to use a kitchen knife. We teach them how to drive a car. We teach our children how to swim in case they fall in a pool. A handgun is a tool like any other, Heather Pritchett said.

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