PEARLAND -- You've probably heard of roller derby and you've heard of boot camp, but have you heard of roller derby boot camp?

This is a good way to have fun and get a good workout, said class member Latasha Micheaux.

A camp in Pearland claims to be the first one in the country, having started several years ago.

The girls come in that are a little overweight and a few months later, they're pulling up their pants at practice, said Brenda Holley, the class trainer. You're burning 600 calories in two hours.

There are three levels of boot camp classes. Level one is for those who are barely stable on skates. The class requires the four-wheel kind, not rollerblades.

Level two teaches skills, while level three is for those good enough to try out for a real roller derby team.

Eventually I wanna try out for Cut Throat Cup Cakes. That is my goal, Micheaux said.

The boot camp is for girls only.

The girls all take on skating alter egos. One class member calls herself Evil Eye Kandy. When the skates come off, she's a labor and delivery nurse.

It makes you a whole other person, Evil Eye said. You don't have to just be the little housewife at home taking care of your kids. You can come here and you can be your own person too. You can definitely come into your own out here on the skating floor.

Roller derby boot camp classes are held three times a week at Pearwood Skate Center. They cost $65 a month. Class members say that's a huge bargain considering what they get in return.

Even if I have a bad day at work or have a bad day just in life, for those two hours that I'm skating nothing else matters. It's just me and my wheels and the floor, said Evil Eye.

For more information about the Roller Derby Boot Camp, click here or call 281-460-2240.

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