HOUSTON A southeast Houston neighborhood has been dealing with high water for most of the day Wednesday, but it s not a new problem and residents said they re sick and tired of the flooding.

Cars and trucks could be seen driving through the high waters on Theta and Gilpen streets. At one point it was pretty scary. Winds blew so hard that you could see the telephone poles moving around and, despite the high waters and wind, drivers put their cars to the test.

Some homeowners said they were annoyed by that because the area is known to flood and cars get stuck all the time.

It s always flooding. It s a nice neighborhood. It s always flooding. We don t want the same problem, said Dennis Mojardin, who lives nearby. (We don t want) cars getting stuck in the middle of the road.

As of 4 p.m. there hadn t been any major issues.

Just last year a car got stuck and the driver was rescued. He didn t have any where to go so he ended up staying at a house with some Good Samaritans.

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