CYPRESS, Texas - Investigators are searching for up to three men, all in their late teens, who may be responsible for throwing so-called acid bombs at a home in Cypress.

Homeowners have surveillance video, which shows at least one teen lobbing explosives.

It just sounds like a handgun, homeowner Becky Bentley said. She first heard that sound on Dec. 19 and then early Friday morning. She worries it could happen again, and that someone could get hurt.

This is dangerous enough, Bentley said. But they might, you know, read about something else that might sound interesting to em and, and go to that level and it could cause even more problems, more damage.

She said she has no idea who the teens are or why they would target her cul-de-sac on Gainesway Drive.

Her children are grown and do not recognize the teens, and she now hopes someone can help identify them.

Investigators hope so, too. They said the explosives, which are made from household ingredients, contain dangerous chemicals.

These can get in someone s eyes, get on their skin, cause some irritation, Lt. Dean Hensley, Harris County Fire Marshal s Office, said. Sometimes if these things are big enough they can actually cause some bodily harm to somebody.

The consequences of detonating them can be serious, too. Those seen in the video could face felony charges.

Crime Stoppers is involved and a reward of up to $5,000 could be paid for information which leads to an arrest.

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