HOUSTON It only took six hours into 2013 for the city to record its first murder of the year on Tuesday.

And it happened in the parking lot outside Cube s Sports Bar - still littered with the trash and other debris from Monday night s New Year s celebrations.

The club has had its share of troubles, exactly like this, before.

The shell casings in a parking lot full of puddles, numbered - at least 10. That s how many times police said the victim was shot.

We don t know. Whoever he was here with must have left, police Sgt. Warren Meeler said. There s one car in the parking lot and it doesn t seem to belong to him.

No one stuck around after a fight inside the sports bar spilled into the parking lot at 6 a.m.

One man was gunned down, another wounded, and the shooter slipped away.

Not so much nervous because it s normal, one business owner said. Business owners, who did not want to be identified, told us they are not surprised, but they are fed up.

A man was shot and killed in this same parking lot last November. A woman injured by gunfire here last May.

The area - it s not so good. There s a little bit of crime. It s known for its crime, one area business owner said. And also the prostitution. We have that here it s quite bad.

Now police are searching for a killer again. With little help so far from the crowd that scattered and left yet another man for dead.

The parking lot was full when this incident occurred, so we know there are a lot of witnesses that saw what happened, Meeler said. We re asking them to come forward, and give us some information.

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