PLANO -- Seldom do boys and girls get to frolick in snow in North Texas.

I wanted to do something fun, Jon Frankel said. I like doing wacky stuff, and this is as wacky as it gets.

As children began their Christmas break in Plano on Friday, winter came to them.

It's all about memories at the end of the day, so this is creating a great memory, Frankel added.

He had snow blown onto his front lawn for his 7-year-old son and 50 of his friends.

It was actually ice, which a company called Emergency Ice pulverized into powder and blew over the ground. Though you can purchase smaller amounts, Frankel bought 20 pallets of ice - which is about 1,100 bags - for almost $5,000.

The ice business is seasonal, and that season is the summer. But snow parties are a growing part of this business, especially in Texas, helping the local ice industry get through the winter.

Business drops off by half between December and March, said Donnell Toler with Emergency Ice. But her Dallas-based company bought a blower this fall and started marketing snow parties.

We started in December and we have them booked through February right now, Toler said.

It's a unique niche to make money when business is slow.

We'll do it again, Frankel said. We'll do it again before March.

And it's a rare experience for children to make memories.

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