AUSTIN -- It may not feel like Christmas in Austin, but Congress Avenue at least looks the part. Its secret weapon is a tree like no other.

I like it when it was blue, said New Orleans native Quincy Martin. The green and red is kind of old school.

Up just a few weeks, the 45-foot evergreen sports more than a 100,000 lights and did we mention it sings?

What caught me was all the bright lights, said Maria Velez.

But give Velez and friend Erik Adame a carol or two and they'll give you a Christmas two-step.

This year's tree isn't from Texas or any other forest for that matter.

It's fake! said Velez. It's not real!

For the first time ever, the Capitol's tree comes from a factory. It was a decision made after wildfires robbed Bastrop's lost pines of producing a worthy successor.

It's actually pretty helpful kind of when you think about it, said Velez.

Real or not, the symbol of the tree is most certainly authentic, connecting Christmas to everyone.

To catch the music you can stop by the tree at the top of every hour or half hour.

The tree won't come down until after New Years.

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