HOUSTON There was a lot to cheer about at the Texans game Sunday, but the most emotional moment came at halftime.

The Texans presented three young brothers with jerseys on the sidelines, but the real surprise was still to come.

Chief Warrant Officer Eric Spoerle serving in Afghanistan and, thanks to an essay contest his sons won, he got a chance to pull off the big surprise.

While Brandon and Tristan were being rewarded with Texans gear, Toro drove up with a giant gift-wrapped box and their dad was hiding inside. When their dad was unwrapped, the boys ran to him and showered him with hugs and kisses.

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Oh man. It couldn t open up quick enough to see the family, Officer Spoerle said.

His wife was relieved the moment had finally come.

I think that was the hardest part, to keep it a secret, Kimberly Spoerle said.

The kids were just glad that daddy was home.

I didn t think that was going to come true. I m just glad he is home now, one of the older boys said.

Their baby brother, 2-year-old Eric Jr., didn t even notice what was going on.

He wasn t looking at me he was looking at Toro the bull, Officer Spoerle said. He didn t recognize me for the first 45 seconds!

It is amazing. I don t think it could have been better, Kimberly Spoerle said. I wasn t a Houston Texans fan before marriage and he kind of sucked me in there.

She is definitely a fan now and so are her sons.

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